MES Novelis

LOGANN is responsible for MES of the biggest Novelis plant in South America located in Pindamonhangaba. MES manages the factory production in the remelting, hot rolling, cold rolling and recycling areas.

LOGANN constantly acts in new projects, support and interfaces with ERP and plant floor. Novelis is one of the clients that uses LFWConnector as data integration tool between MES and plat floor.

Among the many functionalities available on Novelis MES, it’s worthy to highlight the following:

  • Receiving the Orders of Production (OP) from ERP, creating the execution script and sending data of machine setup to the plant floor.
  • Programing and planning of production with the objective of optimize the machine availability.
  • Automatic receiving of production data at the plant floor and pointing of halts and production.
  • Management and control of quality by creating non-conformities of the lot throughout the process.
  • For being a single MES for every area of the plant, it allows the complete traking of the lot from the remelting to the finishing.
  • Control and grinding of rolling cylinders.
  • General graphics and reports: productivity, efficiency, quality and maintenance (halts, MTBF, MTTR and trustworthiness).
  • Simple integration with plant floor by the use of LFWConnector which allows the creation of a single interface with all the equipment regardless the automation technology used by the machines.

Besides MES, LOGANN acts in automation and plant floor projects being responsible for the development and maintenance of level 2 systems of some factory equipment.

  Novelis case


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